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Online PPC Marketing Services in Nashik

iConx Media being the Best Online PPC Marketing  Company in Nashik have clients from different industries such as Real Estate, Health& Fitness, Fintech, Beauty& fashion, Fmcg, etc. Hence we have curated different and unique strategies for every kind of business to grow and generate high and quality amount of traffic which helps in generating revenue and boosting the business

Our Services

Search Ads

To generate genuine and quality leads only with catchy text, proper expertise is needed

Banner Ads

Buying some time from the consumer to see the content & create a curiosity to click

Youtube Ads

It has various sub types, to decide which type of ad for which category is most imp

Social Media Ads

To generate high quality leads, proper targeting is needed specially for social media ads

Product Ads

Advertising a product in such a way that we meet the end goal of selling it and generating revenue

Mobile Ads

Mobile Ads require special analysis of how and when to target and execute

Our Process

Market Research

A detailed analysis of market prior to the steps required for starting the process

Budget Estimates

Estimates which justifies the result and brings the sense of satisfaction

Audience Targeting

An audience that will show their interest and gets converted requires a deep research

Creative Ads

Ads that pass the message so accurately that the engagement and ctr rate speaks for themselfs

Campaign Optimization

A well detailed optimization of campaign is done to get improved results and quality leads


You will be recieving a detailed monthly report about the actions taken and results achieved on a monthly basis

Why Choose us ?

Being the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Nashik we are..

Certified Professionals

We are a team of Certified Professionals with 10+ years of Experience in Digital Marketing Industry

Domain Expertise

Providing our Services from Education Sector to Real Estate sector we have achieved an Expertise in it

Advance Tools

We at iConx keep ourself updated with advanced tools and technology for providing quality service to our clients

Chat Support

Dedicated chat support option has been activated for our clients with a dedicated support executive

Phone Support

To solve all the complex doubts we are providing a call support through our call expert jngndgjsnlsn

Monthly Reporting

A Monthly Report is generated at the end of the month to analyse marketing activities

We're Certified

Certified Digital Marketing Agency

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