Will Digital Marketing Ever Rule the World?

“Digital marketing” is one of the biggest trends right now. Nowadays, from brands promotion to everything in the life, everything is going digital. Life is now a Digital Life!

With everything going digital and online, advertising industry has also turned towards digital media. Social media sites, blogs, search engines, websites of news, online magazine sites, educational sites etc. everything is in online structure. Technological advancements plays a very important part in our lives, we must adopt the changes which have been made by the gadgets. We are all surrounded by the machines and gadgets where we get the every information on our finger tips.

Earlier advertisers used to serve the information through news-papers, radio and television. But, the subscribers were limited and awareness was very low. Slowly the advertisements and marketing strategies changed when the technological advancements developed and later it took the position on digital platforms. In the span of 10 years digital media changed the dimensions of the marketing industry. In this period smart technology has taken place and every information of the world, whether it could be anything is available in everyone’s smart gadgets i.e. mobile phones. Each and every information of the interest is served to the people through various modes of technological gadgets. We can say that, the new trends and the new technologies will definitely rule the world which are –

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is not new in the marketing world, but it gained the importance as of now from the earlier trends. Marketing strategies has been changed by the use of it and has given new level. There are vast numbers of social media users, in that digital influencers have a huge and diverse followers on digital/social media platforms Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more. Marketers can into this array by getting their messages across, with the help of the influencers to get the message out. This type of marketing and brand awareness is going to be in the trends, which will help the marketers to develop the brands and business.

Video (Podcast, Video live Interviews):

In today’s era, videos are considered to be the most engaging content. If the content is in video format everyone is engaged in it. The visual content is more interesting and engaging, compared to written content. The video content is now much more popular and appealing and is now coming in fore-front. Taking this into consideration, digital marketers are also now moving their tracks from written to more visual or video content. Everyone is engaged in one or another kind of video on social media – like informative, funny, social activities, news and many more and each one of it is important in one or the other way.


Increase in the ChatBot is in trends now. It is used as in direct communication or direct interaction with customers one to one. It is used for both business to business i.e B2B and business to consumers i.e. B2C. It is the one of the best examples of Artificial Intelligence Algorithm. Chatbots understands the communication, it stores the data and then revert back accordingly. The advantage of chatbot is that, it is available 24*7 and keeps the customers engaged. Many big companies are using this technique today of chatbots.

Speech Recognition / Voice Search:

Speech Recognition / Voice Search have created a new swing in the digital world. In this new digital era speech recognition stands as a new concept where we can get the results by only inputting the words orally. We can search or get any information by only making search through voice.

Upgradation and advancement of the Virtual assistants have become more and more powerful and easy with time and this will continue with the technological advancements. Voice search made easy to give only command without typing any information which is required by the user. This will make the trends in the marketing.

Machine Learning:

Machine Learning is a new trend which is so much involved in Digital Marketing that it can give growth upto good figures. Digital marketers now-a-days are creating strategies which are relied on machine learning.

The Programs can understand the patterns of consumers, behaviour and then it can analyze the data to give the good experience to users.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR):

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation in which a person can communicate within an artificial three-dimensional environment using electronic devices. Example: special goggles with sensors. This simulation of artificial environment, gives user the realistic-feeling and experience.

Whereas, Augmented reality (AR) is different from Virtual reality, AR intensify the real world experience as it exists with graphical surface and does not create a fully immersive experience.

Companies use virtual reality to sell unique experiences to their customers as well as raise brand awareness of the company and augmented reality give the real world experience which exists with graphical surface.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is making its impact in human world, and it has already made some significant improvement in the field of Robotics, Medical technology, Biotechnology, etc. AI is based on the principle that human intelligence can be stated in a way that a machine can easily copy it and can execute the tasks from the difficult to complicated ones. It is replacing the work done by the humans and making it more easier too. AI today is very responsive and interactive, and it can be easily personalized. Boosting the business with AI is becoming more popular in the businesses, especially with the help of chatbots. Thus, AI is continuously evolving to benefit many different industries.

So to get one step ahead of your competitors, above described are some trends that could make a difference and can rule the world in coming times.