Digital Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality

Digital Marketing has always brought the great opportunities and the platform to advertisers and we cannot overstate it. In this evolving world of Internet and the popularity of all social media platforms have created faster and more targeted ways to build brand awareness, generate leads, and grow your grounds.

Experienced marketers know that, regardless all the advantages and pros of digital marketing there are certain marketing myths that need to be disapproved. Marketers have their own concepts of marketing. So, these are some examples of expectations vs. reality:

“SET AND FORGET” is Digital Marketing:

Campaigns are the most important part of the Ads. While we are setting the campaigns we have to make sure we must keep an eye on all of our campaign. Platforms like Facebook/Instagram and PPC ads require constant monitoring of its campaigns. Audiences can get exhausted and make your Cost Per Mile rise. Someone has seen our ad many times its frequency can be increased. And maybe the ad that was working great last week stops performing. Thus, Set and Forget might not work so, we have to constantly monitor the campaigns of the ad.

All Social Media platforms have Universal Message:

In this today’s scenario, all the social media platforms are different. All of them have some or the other difference. They have different demographics and each platform has its own base of audiences. Examples are Facebook-Instagram-Whatsapp, now have the same policies regardless, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube or say Snapchat, etc. have their own presence and policies. Thus, Social Media platforms brought very much great opportunities to all Digital Marketers or Advertisers.

More Traffic is meant to be more Conversions:

Every aspect of digital marketing needs to generate leads and grow revenue. Traffic is an important element for conversions but is it really true or not? Because traffic means not all traffic but we need relevant traffic for businesses we are working. So, bringing more traffic to our site is important but relevancy is the key factor where conversions are made.

Profits can drive through Paid Advertisements:

Paid Ads can be profitable and are cheaper but when it is directed and target the right people at the right time. We need to make sure you are creating ads that are converted when showing them to the right people. We should always be testing different ad versions and retargeting the people that have interacted with them.

Everyone has a Hidden Marketer in them:

Marketing concept’s and its execution are the most important things that should be taken into consideration, and Digital marketing experts know the very specific processes that need to be performed at a very high level to see positive ROI. Thus, knowing the only process of marketing is not enough, but whom to target, what strategy should be applied and what are the ways to improve the process this are some things which should be taken into consideration when digitally marketing is to be done.